This is the home for the “Upgrade Path” diagrams. The latest versions are updated and posted here.

These three diagrams show you from a visual perspective the migration path into R70, R71, or R75, and from versions as early as R60. Find the version you are currently at and follow the arrows to your future version. Then make note of any major or “dot” releases in-between. For example if I am on R65 and needed to move to R71.30, I could see that I can move directly to R71 or R71.1, and from there apply the patch for R71.30

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The Check Point Release Notes have changed quite a bit since I last updated the diagrams. There are several paths that were not documented in older versions, that now show up in the Release Notes (as noted in several instances on CPUG). These new diagrams have been updated to reflect those changes. Updated R70, R71 and R75 paths on April. 9th 2013 to include R75.46 and R76. Created new R76/R75.40VS Diagram.

Updated 4/9/13


























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