I had an interesting question from a customer last week. They had recently moved their SmartCenter from R55 to R61. After doing this doing this they noticed the “Check for new updates when SmartDashboard is started” check box was missing from the SmartDefense tab. Had this feature been removed?

It looked like it had been removed, but with a little prying I found it. Not a big deal, but it might save you some time if you were looking for it (or did not know it was moved to begin with). It is actually kind of hidden at first, but the following slides will show you where this has been moved to.

SmartDefense Services Tab

SmartDefense Updates in R61 and R62

One thought on “SmartDefense Updates in R61 and R62

  • October 26, 2006 at 8:16 am

    Didn’t know it had moved. Gotta go and check my CMAs.

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