This was kind of a quiet HFA release, but HFA 30 for R65 was officially posted on Sept. 14th. Previous to HFA30, there was HFA02 and HFA25 (for messaging security). There are some interesting fixes in HFA30:

  • The Dshield certificate has supposedly been updated. No more manually updating the certificate (not hard but kind of a hassle).
  • Reporter had an issue when trying to create consolidation policies if there were more than 30 or 40 entries in fw.logtrack

More about HFA30 in the next few days….

HFA 30 Released for R65

One thought on “HFA 30 Released for R65

  • October 14, 2008 at 3:55 am

    One very important fix, apparently, is the one for SecureXL. The absense of a certain feature in combination with an active SecureXL configuration causes the connections table to grow extensively. It appears that session timeouts don’t get lowered to the end-session-timeout-setting and remain in the table for the complete session-timeout (default 3600 seconds).
    See also sk34922.

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