Common Criteria

Expect to see an announcement on this in the next few weeks…

R65 HFA30 and SmartConsole R65 HFA01 have achieved a Common Criteria certification level of EAL4. This certification covers a broad selection of CheckPoint products including appliances. The certified products are as follows:


UTM-1 130, UTM-1 270, UTM-1 570, UTM-1 1070, UTM-1 2070, UTM-1 3070


Power-1 5070, Power-1 9070


IP150, IP260, IP290, IP390, IP560, IP690, IP1220, IP1260, IP1280, IP2450

All of the above models are certified EAL4 for the following categories:

Firewall, VPN, IDS and remote access gateway including SNX. The official announcement will most likely be made at RSA.

R65 HFA30 EAL4 Common Criteria Certified

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