I work with many Fortune 500, 100 and 50 companies. All of them have Provider-1, and have been using it for years. More recently I had several customers that needed to move an MDS and its CMAs to new IPs and/or new hardware. In order to do this, you need to migrate each CMA manually.

Check Point does provide some documentation on how this accomplished, but it takes a lot of reading and piecing together bits of information to come up with a process. After that, you usually will need to test the process you put together to make sure you did not leave anything out.

What I have done here is put together that process for you, and taken it a step further by simplifying it so you can simply cut and paste in the commands. I have it down to the point where I can manually migrate a CMA to a new MDS with this process in less than five minutes.

This process was used by several other very large enterprises. My document states that it is for an R65 to R65 migration. However, I had one customer use the steps to move 24 CMAs from an R55 Solaris MDS directly to an R65 SPlat 2.6 MDS (hello Chris and Franco) so there are much broader possibilities.

In the next few weeks I hope to publish several more Provider-1 specific documents based on feedback. Some of those in consideration:

  • Migrating a SmartCenter Server into Provider-1
  • Migrating CMAs in R70 (the process is different and undocumented)
  • Migrating CMAs with VSX – Fireverse method 🙂

This is a first draft and any feedback is welcomed.

Download below:

Provider-1 CMA Migration with CLI

Provider-1 CMA Migration Document

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