This was kind of a quiet one, but there is a newer EA program right now for R70.12. This version seems to be centered around the next version of Eventia and is tailored for the R70 environment. More specifically, R70.12 takes the Eventia Analyzer client and splits it into two versions: one to support the Firewall events and another to support the IPS events. The two interfaces are almost identical. One of the enhancements you will notice right away is that the NFR “doughnut” view that magazine reviewers loved has been integrated in this version.


Mmmmm tasty new graphs….


The Reporter client also has some improvements. The Regulatory Compliance reports are now included in the new interface. Previously, you had to manually import these reports which I documented here. The reports also look to have a slightly different theme.


Some good eye candy. I will be running in this in my lab for the next few weeks and will do a more in-depth review when it becomes GA.

R70.12 is Public EA…

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