In a previous post I had written that R70.12 was available as a public EA. Well now it looks like a newer version will be available possibly Q4. The newer version is R70.20 and will supersede R70.12. This newer version has a very interesting feature in the Eventia Analyzer Client called the “Maps” tab. This new tab will allow you to see IPS traffic breakdowns based on geographical locations. Take a look at this eye candy:


From here you can drill into a specific region:


Then finally you would be able to see the detailed traffic specific to that geographic region:


R70.20 is just entering the EA phase so contact your Check Point SE if you would like to participate. Otherwise we might see this new version released Q4 or early Q1 2010.

R70.20 IPS By Region

One thought on “R70.20 IPS By Region

  • December 4, 2009 at 1:25 pm

    Okay is there ea way to block by geo?

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