Saw this over on the NIAP page last week. Scroll down to the Check Point listings, and you will see a new entry: Looks like VSX R65 and Provider-1 R70 were submitted for evaluation on Dec 21st 2009. This is great news for anyone running or considering these products. Both have a very strong history of securing large environments, and it is good to see these products in evaluation. Looks like they will gain their ELA4 certification in 2011. In the meantime though it is good to be able to show auditors that the product you are running is going through the official process.

No word yet on what the TOE exactly is, but I will post more info as I find it. It is also interesting to note that the first R70 product submitted is Provider-1, although the rest of the R70 line has supposedly been submitted. Apparently the NIAP “In Evaluation” page has not been updated to reflect the rest of the line.

VSX and Provider-1 in Common Criteria Evaluation

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