This morning R71.30 is now public EA (Early Availability). “What’s New” from the release notes:

New VPN Client Support

Endpoint Security VPN R75 (SecureClient Next Generation) for Windows 7 32bit/64bit

Check Point Mobile for iPhone and iPad


Adds SNMP Thresholds to enhance SNMP monitoring & trapping

Adds tooltip to display name and IP of group objects

Lets you copy network and host objects between CMAs with drag & drop between SmartDashboard sessions of different CMAs

Improves SmartDashboard so that global objects function like local objects

Tooltip displays the object’s details

Double-click opens a read only dialog with the object’s details

Lets the CMA administrator choose to assign the global policy to specific local policy packages

Lets you restore a specific CMA from a backup of the entire tp_mdsfull with the export_mds utility


Lets you make changes in SmartDashboard during Policy Installation

Lets you switch between Read/Write and Read-Only modes in SmartDashboard


The OSPF routing protocol in Check Point’s dynamic routing suite explicitly allows Equal-Cost Multi-Path

(ECMP) routing, a strategy for routing packets along multiple “best paths” of equal cost. By load balancing

traffic over multiple (redundant) routes, ECMP increases network bandwidth.

Check Point’s dynamic routing suite supports up to six simultaneous routes, which means that up to six

multiple routes can be used for ECMP. If the routing metric calculations discovers more than six paths of

equal cost to the same destination, the ECMP feature makes available only the first six.

R71.30 is Public EA

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