Some interesting new enhancements (from the notes):

Security Management

  • IPS improvements
  • SmartEvent enhancements
  • Increase pattern granularity – Header rejection, Http worm catcher and Cifs worm catcher patterns were converted into separate protections, giving more granularity in their settings. This feature is installed during the first IPS update process (online update, offline update or scheduled update).
  • Implied exceptions – Built-in exceptions to allow Check Point products trusted traffic.
  • Support for UTM-1 Edge 8.2 gateways

New Remote Access Client Support

  • Improved SSL Network Extender application control by software vendor so you can easily choose to allow all applications from a specific vendor

Security Gateway

  • IPS Geo database – The Geo country-ranges database accuracy has been significantly improved.

Security Gateway 80 Series

  • Support for VPN Link Selection
  • Support for local masters file
  • Improved communication when Security Management server is behind NAT
  • Support for IGMP Proxy

Windows 7 32-bit and 64-bit Support

  • Secure Workspace supports Windows 7 32-bit and 64-bit.
  • Mobile Access clients with Windows 7 64-bit can connect to Connectra and SSL VPN gateways
  • Support for SSL Network Extender Application mode and Network mode for Windows 7 32-bit and 64-bit.

Enhanced Secure Workspace

  • Faster and better performance.
  • Enhanced allowed application configuration by software vendor. You can easily allow all applications from a specific vendor.

VPN Client
This version includes a deployment package of Endpoint Security VPN R75, which replaces SecureClient
and Endpoint Connect. For automatic deployment of the new VPN client, select a client upgrade mode in
Global Properties > Remote Access > Endpoint Connect.


Another temporary “dead-end” release. This means that there are now two releases (R71.30 and R71.40) that cannot be upgraded directly to R75. Also interesting that you can upgrade from R70.40 to R71.40, so you now have two options to move off R70.40: R71.20 and R71.40. I am running out of room on the Roadmap and Upgrade Path diagrams, so I have to see how I can fit this new information.

R71.40 is Public EA

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