R77.20 was released on July 3rd. It addresses a lot of stability issues, which is why I was recommending to my customers that they stay on R75.47 unless they needed some of the new functionality in R77.x.


From the R77.20 Portal:


R77.20 delivers the latest resolved issues with additional support for existing features:

  • VSX stability fixes and enhancements. 
  • MultiCore support for SSL – improved performance for portals (including Mobile Access) and SSL Network Extender. See sk101223 for more information.
  • New upgrade procedure for clusters, Connectivity Upgrade, which maintains connectivity when you upgrade from R76 and R75.40VS, to R77.20.
  • Threat Prevention detection and functionality enhancements:DHCP simplified configuration and stability fixes. See sk98839.
    • Scan files that are passing on CIFS
    • Anti-Spam support in MTA
    • Anti-Virus support for links inside emails *
    • Threat Emulation support in VSX *
  • IPsec VPN enhancements, including: MSS adjustments and 3rd party connectivity. For more enhancements, see sk101219.
  • SNMP: Quality improvements and Best Practices Guide.
  • Routing stability fixes and enhancements. See sk98226.
R77.20 is Available

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