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At UTC 23:59:60:00 on June 30th 2015, there will be another “leap second.” this means that a one second adjustment will be inserted in order to compensate for the drift between the Earth’s rotation and the atomic clock. What does this mean for Check Point products?


According to SK104560 there are four scenarios for Check Point customers:


Not using NTP (really?)

Simply manually adjust the time after midnight on June 30th.

SPLat -Use one of the following:

  • In CPShell use: ‘time <HH:MM>
  • In Expert mode use: ‘ /bin/time_start <HH:MM>’
  • In Expert mode use ‘sysconfig‘  (not in the SK article but will work)

GAiA – ‘set time HH:MM:SS‘ then ‘save config


Using NTP – Check Point says a “race condition” may occur if you are using NTP, although they have not seen it in other Leap Seconds (and frankly you probably haven’t either…did you know about the other Leap Seconds?) 🙂

Two steps for GAiA or SPlat or 61k/41k:

  1. Disable NTP 24 hours before the Leap Second event <–very important
  2. Enable NTP after the Leap Second event

GAiA Clish:

  1. set NTP active off‘ then ‘save config‘  <–do this 24 hours before the event
  2. set NTP active on‘ then ‘save config

SPlat Expert Mode:

  1. ntpstop‘ <–do this 24 hours before the event
  2. ntpstart’

61k and 41k:

  1. ‘[Expert@HostName]# asg_ntp_sync_config disable’ <–do this 24 hours before the event
  2. ‘[Expert@HostName]# asg_ntp_sync_config enable’


Hot Fix – Check Point says to grab CPinfos and they will provide an appropriate patch.


R77.30 – Check Point says you are covered. Nothing to fix.


So what are you going to do this time?


Check Point and the 2015 Leap Second

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