Had a Check Point SE forward this to me:

GAIA Embedded R77.20.50 now includes support for SandBlast. This is really cool and unexpected. Did I miss this in one of the SKO presentations last month?

With this update, the 700, 1400, and 1200r appliances now support SandBlast Threat Emulation. I have been telling customers that SandBlast is probably THE most important feature you can enable for protecting endusers right now. It directly impacts the Cyber Kill Chain. NSS Labs has noted that Check Point’s Breach Detection option is the most cost effective one on the market (sorry FireEye) and can identify and defeat malicious code downloads (again…sorry FireEye…which is limited to email attachments and C&C). This is great news for SMBs.


SandBlast does fall under the “subscription” support model, but I have not seen any pricing on this yet. More on that in the next few days…

R77.20.50 Released…Wow

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