R80.20 was released this week. This is the FULL version as opposed to the R80.20 M1 which was released for “management-only.” There are some interesting new features, and you will see “previously supported in R77.30” sprinkled throughout the Release Notes…which means those particular R77.30 features have finally made it into the R80. One of the themes I have been seeing on some of the message boards is that customers are being forced off of R77.30 by May 2019, but that they are waiting for some features to make it into R80.x. R80.20 should help address this.

Interesting to note that you will not find R80.20 in CPUSE quite yet:

This release is initially recommended for customers who are interested in implementing the new features. We will make it the default version (widely recommended) after significant adoption and make it available in the ‘Showing Recommended Packages’ section in the CPUSE tab in Gaia portal. 

Another piece I noticed from the “upgrade map” is that it has the dreaded “Contact Support” listed when moving from M1 to the full R80.20. I contacted Check Point Support and it looks like a typical migrate export/import scenario, however they want you to send in the export file so they can make sure there are no conflicts: you do need to open a support ticket for this. Kind of a hassle, and hopefully this will be more streamlined in the future. One last thing to note is that R80.20 is currently in FIPS 140-2 evaluation, and should be certified in the next few months.

R80.20 is GA for Management and Gateways

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