Gil Schwed announced today that Check Point will acquire Stockholm based Data Security vendor Pointsec. This is expected to close by Dec 22nd. Pointsec produces software that “ensure that data stored on mobile computing devices such as laptops, PDAs, and smart phones remains confidential and secure.”

The Check Point FAQ on this acquisition states there are four basic areas of the Pointsec Product:

  1. Hard disk encryption and user identification secures all information with full protection against intrusion and data theft. This is available for stationary or mobile PCs, PDAs, smartphones and storage devices such as USB memory devices and CDs.
  2. Media Encryption protects both removable storage media and e-mail in transit by providing automatic real-time encryption. Media encryption protects laptops, external hard drives, files and folders such as e-mail attachments and small portable devices including memory cards, rewriteable CDs, DVDs and flash drives.
  3. Pointsec Wireless Solutions, a new business unit of Pointsec, focuses on providing solutions to mobile phone operators, handset manufacturers and system integrators.
  4. Comprehensive port and USB protection capabilities from the recently added acquisition of UK based Reflex Software.

Check Point’s official announcement.

Check Point Announces intent to acquire Pointsec

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