Came across this last week:

Had a customer that wanted SmartView Monitor for their MDS-10. In Provider-1 this requires adding the ‘MDS Pro Add-on.’ The Pro Add-on essentially gives Provider-1 customers the features that you get in SmartCenter Power:

“The Pro Add-on includes SmartMap, SmartUpdate, Smart Directory, SmartLSM, SmartView Monitor and Smart Portal.”

These are great tools, but how do you license them? The Check Point price list states:

Need to be installed at the CMA level.”

What happens is that the customer will see the Pro Add-on license in their User Center. The customer will need to use the same license for all of the CMAs. The way this is done is by “moving” the license IP. So for example if you have an MDS-10, you will get a Pro Add-on license that can have its IP moved 10 times. Use the IP of your first CMA, generate the license, and install it on the CMA. Then change the license in the User Center to the IP of the second CMA, generate the license, install it on the second CMA. Do this for each CMA.

It is pretty easy to do, just make sure you do not use the MDS IP, and be prepared to change the IP of the license to cover each CMA.

Licensing MDS Pro Add-ons

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