HFA02 for R65 came out a few weeks ago. If you were an early adopter (like I was) then you might have had a few problems. I found that on P1 some CMAs, the FWM process would die and need to be restarted. This could be seen when running ‘mdsstat’

You also might see the following error message when opening Dashboard:

“Unable to contact Certificate Authority on the Management Station. Please make sure the Certificate Authority daemon is running”

On Dec 11th, HotFix 249 was released. If you are using R65 HFA02, then you will need to apply HotFix 249. Also make sure you verify the checksum on any patch before you apply it. I cannot tell you how many times I have seen people apply corrupted patches, and hose their systems. Always, always, always do a checksum on any package you download (Check Point or other) before you try to install it. Also, always have a backup before patching.

SPlat has md5sum. Cygwin also has ‘md5sum‘ available for Windows. Another tool I have had good luck with on Windows is called ‘Digest IT 2004.‘ It allows you to right click on any file and run an MD5 or SHA1 checksum on it.

You can also check sk33827 for more information.

R65 HFA02 and HotFix 249

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