Check Point had their annual sales kick-off last week. There is some very cool stuff that was announced, and that will be coming in the next few months. For those of you that moved to R65, you will be seeing some new plug-ins that are very very cool. I have to check before I can announce what exactly they are, but they will significantly assist in the rule creation and management of your Check Point firewalls. This will be the “Year of the Plugin-in” for SmartCenter and Provider-1.

Another quick note, the Eventia team (one of the hardest working development teams) has released three new add-ons for the Eventia Suite. For Reporter, the team released over a dozen new reports that will assist with compliance. Analyzer now has a text parsing wizard that is even easier to use. Covering Analyzer and Reporter is a new backup and restore tool. I will be doing an installation write-up on how to use these new tools in the next few weeks.

New stuff coming…

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