A few weeks ago the Eventia team released a new category of reports for Eventia Reporter. This category is called “Compliance” and includes 19 new reports for “ISO 17799, COBIT, PCI-DSS, SOX and HIPAA Compliance Source Requirements.”

There is no extra cost for these reports. You simply login with your User Center credentials, go to the ‘downloads’ section and grab them. I posted the new sample reports below (these are posted in MHT format so you will need IE or the plugin for Firefox):

Risk Summary
Alert Risks
Failed Logins
Blocked Connections
Policy Installations
Successful Logins
Endpoint Security Compliance
Blocked Programs Endpoint
MailSafe Endpoint
Spyware Endpoint
List of Added Dynamic Rules
Quarantined Hosts
GTP Firewall Security Alerts
Malicious Code Protector Endpoint
Application Layer
System Information
Firewall-1 Memory Information

Notice that at the bottom of each report, it states which portion of the regulation or standard (ISO 17799, COBIT, PCI-DSS, SOX, HIPAA) that the report addresses. This is some very cool stuff for any of you going through audits. I know a few of the customers that I work with were asking for this. Glad to see Check Point deliver the goods.

I will be posting a “how-to” section for installing these new reports in the next day or so. More in a little bit…..

New Eventia Reporter Compliance Reports

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