Was working on an HP DL380 in my lab, and needed a quick way to setup a DHCP server so that I could get an IP on the iLo module. That’s when I found this cool  Open Source utility:


This little app has a TFTP Server, TFT Client, DHCP Server, and Syslog Server. So if you are stuck in a lab (like I was) with only your Win32 laptop, this is a great tool. I have only tested the DHCP Server so far, but one of the things I immediately liked about it was that you could choose what interface you wanted the DHCP server to listen on.

It also has a “Log viewer” tab, so you can see whether the requests are getting to your daemon, and whether an address was handed out (see below).

In my case I just needed to supply one DHCP address from my laptop. It was very straightforward to setup and configure.


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