With the introduction of the Application Control Software Blade just around the corner, Check Point is providing an application look-up tool called AppWiki. This is available to the public and allows you to see what applications are identified in the Security Gateway. The applications are grouped based on the type, and are assigned a risk value. There is also a description provided for each of the application, which makes AppWiki a valuable tool in itself.

As of today there are 4,309 applications in the AppWiki database. This number will continue to grow as Check Point is adding new applications on a weekly basis. Although Check Point is not the first to market with this new ability, it clearly blows the nearest competition (Juniper and Cisco have nothing like this) out of the water with the sheer number of applications that are identified, and from a cost basis as well. Right now the Software Blade is listed at $3,000 per gateway: this is very inexpensive. Another huge advantage is that no additional hardware has to be deployed (unlike with Palo Alto). Simply check a box on the gateway object:

Now you can authenticate, authorize, as well as firewall these applications.

Click below for the exhaustive list of applications:


Check Point AppWiki is Live

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