R75 was just announced internally, meaning that Check Point SEs now have access to the next release. So here is what to expect with this new release:

Application Control Software Blade

  • The Security Gateway can now identify applications trying to pass through it
  • Over 4,500 Applications Listed
  • Over 50,000 Web 2.0 Widgets
  • Create rules based on Source, Destination, Port, and now Application or Groups of Applications

Integrated DLP

  • Previously available as a standalone unit, now an integrated Software Blade

Mobile Access Blade

  • Enhanced SSL VPN capability, and iPhone support

Identity Awareness

  • Ties into AD
  • Create rules that allow specific groups or users access to applications (via Application Control)

Provider-1 Licensing change

  • Now called Multi-Domain Security Management
  • Suppose I will have to do an article on the changes here

I will post the R75 Release Notes as soon as it enters Public EA. I would expect R75 to be Public EA in the next few weeks, and GA possibly before the end of the year. Stay tuned…

R75 Available for Internal Eval

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