Looks like Check Point has finally released some R75 training materials. Looks like they will also address some of the Software Blades as well. As of today however, they do not have any R75 exams (as seen from the Pearson Vue portal below):

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The “Self-Study” portal has not been updated with any R75 material, so we will have to wait to see if check Point will still continue with that practice (the material was actually pretty good, especially the practice exams). Looks like they have a free training video on the Application Control Blade. Unfortunately it does not come with any lab material.

One can only hope that Check Point will seriously consider updating the CCMA exam, as that material was painfully outdated. I took the written exam in April of 2011 and was disappointing to see so many in-depth questions on SmartDefense, Connectra, and (wait for it…wait for it) Interspect!!?? Seriously Check Point you owe me $300USD or at least a free testing voucher if you release a new test.

R75 Materials Available to Order But Still No R75 Exams

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