I passed the Tufin Certified Security Expert (TCSE) exam a few weeks ago. If I remember correctly, the exam was 50 questions in 60 minutes. It is given online at no cost (although you do need to register), and you can use whatever materials you might need to help pass the exam. Some of the questions are very tough, so it is pretty much expected to have completed the training, and have worked with the product. The current version of the exam focuses on the SecureTrack product exclusively. If you are going to attempt the exam, I would recommend having the following items as part of your setup:

Network Security Management tools are becoming more common in the workplace as firewall policies and router/switch ACLs continue to increase in size and complexity. Adding the TCSE to your resume might be a great way to demonstrate to an employer that you are staying current with the tools and methodologies used for security policy lifecycle management. If you work for a reseller or are a consultant, the TCSE is a great plus for developing a closer relationship with Tufin.


Passed the Tufin TCSE Exam

One thought on “Passed the Tufin TCSE Exam

  • May 31, 2020 at 11:34 pm

    Yes, that true I also gave exam recently and luckily passed with 81% question were though.

    My question is Is this a certification or just a course completion?

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