I received this email on October 25th:

Effective December 31, 2013, Check Point GO device will no longer be available for sale. The final software version is R75 HFA 5, no additional versions will be released. Check Point will continue to provide engineering support (such as bug fixes) until December 31, 2015 and hardware support (RMA) for GO devices until December 31, 2018, according to the Check Point Support Lifecycle Policy.

Check Point recommends migrating to one of their other solutions:

Mobile Access Software Blade – I suppose the idea would be to use the “End Point on Demand” feature which will still create the isolated sandbox that wipes the session when it is terminated.

Media Encryption – Maybe Check Point is thinking that customers will encrypt USB drives with this, but I really do not see this feature in alignment with ABRA/GO.

I remember when this was rolled out in 2010. I gave a presentation on ABRA (its original name) in a skybox at the new Target Field.  I think the concept of an encrypted USB drive with a virtual desktop and VPN was pretty interesting. I used mine with all of the traveling I did (especially international). It was a little cost prohibitive to roll out on a large scale and there were other factors (portable applications) that made this a bit of a challenge to sell. I always saw this product as being a better fit for special use scenarios (traveling executives, 3rd party VPN access), and for smaller environments. Unfortunately, there just was not enough interest. Oh well, I suppose the market spoke.



Check Point GO (Formerly ABRA) End of Sale

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