Wow. Check Point launched a beta version of its Threat Cloud site, and it has some great information and tools (even for non-Check Point customers).

On the site they have several categories:

  • ThreatBlog – Looks to provide malware and exploit information including “zero day” vulnerabilities. Looks like a much needed replacement to the (long gone) Security Cafe. Boring “look” though.
  • URL Categorization – A way to submit a web site site for categorization, or re-categorization (requires UserCenter credentials).
  • AppWiki Link – Searchable online database for the 6500+ identified applications and 260k+ “Social Network Widgets (still the industry’s most thorough Next Gen Firewall database…why settle for second best?). In this case it is just a link, but maybe it will be the new home?
  • Threat Emulation/Extraction – This allows you to upload files for Threat Emulation sandboxing. It can take a few minutes, but you will receive back a report on the file. Now you get to see what the rest of the Check Point customers out there are using at the gateway level. This is a great resource if you don’t happen to be behind a Check Point ThreatEm capable gateway, and want to scan a few files (for free). It is also the first place I have seen the Threat Extraction offering. Maybe you have a file with legitimate data in it that also happens to be infected. Check Point can extract the malware and deliver a clean document. You may not use it that much, but it is interesting to see how advanced Check Point’s offering really is.
  • World Cyber ThreatMap – This is pretty cool and somewhat hidden right now. Looks like a “real-time” analysis of attacks going on in the world. You can click on countries and get a summary of the weekly/monthly malware types being directed at that country. Is the information directly usable? Maybe. It for sure looks really interesting and definitely gives the impression that Check Point is one of the authorities on emerging threats.










I like it. I am definitely showing customers this. I am also going to update my links to point over to Check Point’s new site. is launched…

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