From Check point’s page:

R77.30 was released on May 19, 2015 and it consolidates all previous releases.

From within CPUSE:















So what is new? Some highlights:

  • Threat Extraction – This provides the ability to strip the malware out of documents. Interesting idea.
  • Modbus Application Control Inspection – Check Point is doubling down on SCADA.
  • CPView Enhancements – Check Point’s TOP replacement.
  • HTTPS accelerated inspection.
  • CoreXL CPU Balancing – Will have to look into this one a little more.
  • DNS Tunneling Detection in IPS
  • Mobile Access Enhancements
  • Some of these enhancements require an “R77.30 Plug-In. Booooo.
  • Upgrade from non-Gaia to Gaia is not supported.
  • Mentions R77.20 for the 1100 appliance. As of May 20th, I can’t find that firmware upgrade.
  • e1000e and bnx2 NIC Driver
  • Dynamic routing enhancements
  • ClusterXL stability fixes
  • Other stability Fixes
  • And more…

The Poodle and Ghost fixes are wrapped in. What is not clear to me at this time is what R77.20 of Jumbo Fixes are wrapped into this. All of them?

*Update: an awesome SE I work with in WI confirmed that the Jumbos are rolled into R77.30.

R77.30 is Available

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