I doubt that any customers saw this presentation at CPX, as it was held on the “partner” day. This is a great Cloud summary video for architects and management especially. Grant Asplund hammers home some interesting facts, including how few IT/DevOPs/Security people would be considered “experts” in the Cloud-field. Even scarier is how few are getting trained or certified in Cloud (now what about Containers?). Visualization tools are becoming more important (…again). The video below skips the intro and goes right into Grant’s preso.


  • IAAS – Invisible And Always Susceptible
  • “Am I using the Cloud Securely” vs. “Is our Cloud Secure?”
  • “At least 95% of cloud security will be the customer’s fault” – Gartner
  • AWS (as an example) offers 300+ Services and Assets – How to keep track of and secure?
  • Over half of enterprises do not have Cloud certified staff

“Let’s all put our hacker hats on for a second… where would we attack? I would go after all of you with cloud environments…because I know you are not learning about it, and not protecting it properly.” – Grant

It is a bit of FUD, but I think it’s relevant and had product and other good info sprinkled in as well.

The Dome9 content at CPX was spot-on.

The Best CPX Presentation You Didn’t See

One thought on “The Best CPX Presentation You Didn’t See

  • April 16, 2019 at 6:46 pm

    Let’s hope that Grant sticks around after Check Point integrates the team.

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